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Wedding Officiants

professionally customized for you

You could ask a friend to get ordained online and officiate but why?

Harmony Springs Officiants are wedding professionals with years of experience for couples who want someone trained and experienced to help you tie the knot in front of your friends and family. 

Couples spend so much time planning the biggest day of their lives - make sure your ceremony exceeds everyone's expectations by hiring Harmony Springs Officiant Group to mange your ceremony.

We do it because we love it (pun intended). 


It's inspiring getting to know couples who are in love and looking forward to spending the rest of their lives together. You may have a lot of ideas about what an officiant or pastor is like (maybe you envision a stuffy old guy in a suit that drones on and on). We are surprisingly different.​

We are convinced it's possible to be deeply spiritual but not religiously stale. We love being a part of two people seeking to express their love for each other through a wedding ceremony. For some it's where they hold the wedding (outside, a winery, a park, or a church) and for others it's in the meaning of the words or elements of the ceremony (writing their own vows, lighting a unity candle, or incorporating their children into the ceremony).


Maybe you consider yourself spiritual but not religious and want a non-denominational ceremony thats light and uplifting with a touch of tradition. Maybe you want to go full on traditional with the whole 9 yards or maybe you are out-of-the-box and want something completely different - we have seen and done it all! ​

We pride ourselves on being: 

Professional & Flexible


We started officiating weddings years ago when couples were desperately calling because they had been turned down by churches and pastors who didn't want to perform ceremonies for anyone outside their church. Luckily, we are part of Harmony Springs Church where we love to welcome couples who are looking for an officiant. Harmony Springs is a radically welcoming church located in Green, Ohio.

The internet is full of web-ordained officiants who have little to no professional training/experience performing weddings.  Unfortunately most professional pastors/clergy require couples to take member classes, memorize statements of faith, and adhere to their beliefs before they will even consider officiating. 


Choosing the right officiant can be the difference between someone who barely remembers how to pronounce your name (we've all been to those weddings) and a custom, personal ceremony that expresses who you are as a couple! Our ceremonies are made from scratch to fit you! We'll help you as much as you need. From start to finish we'll be there to call, email, and sit down with to make sure your ceremony is perfect!
We look forward to speaking with you about your upcoming wedding! 


--Pastor Joel & Harmony Springs Officiants

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