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Its time for a new kind of wedding event center

Have you been looking for the perfect event venue only to keep finding the same tired location? Event centers built pre-covid just don't meet the needs of today's couples. We designed Harmony Springs Center to be flexible enough to accommodate today's needs - all with a modern aesthetic!

Our main hall can be s

etup in hundreds of different ways! By situating an outdoor patio directly off the hal

l you'll have access to additional outdoor space that can be used for horderves or additional seating. The patio leads to a lush grassy open space available to setup an outdoor event tent or whatever you can dream up! Additionally, our main hall offers the ability to livestream a ceremony and/or reception for those who cannot attend in person.

It's time for wedding event venues to meet the changing needs of today's couples! Contact us today to setup an appointment to tour the facility and find out how Harmony Springs Center is exactly what you've been searching for to make your big day unique and memorable!

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